A bite is worth a thousand words. Get your 🌱- based Kuleana Tuna at your nearest Poké Bar location (nationwide) or Erewhon Markets (west coast only)! X

Next-generation tuna
that tastes
as great as
top sushi-grade tuna

The mineral-rich red meat from sushi-grade tuna is most associated with our favorite poke bowls.

In short, it’s the jewel of the sea. But what if there was a way to enjoy it without robbing the ocean of its treasure?

We figured it out and let the fish off the hook for good.

What’s in the “Lox”?

We like our fish like we like our mermaid tunes: Under the sea.

Due to overfishing and an expanding demand for fresh seafood, wild fisheries around the world are declining. To help these populations thrive and enjoy the ocean taste you love, we decided to think beyond the net and pole outside the lox, if you will.

Nutrition You’ll Love

Algae, koji, and radish combine to form a product that is high in important nutrients like iron, omega-3, vitamin B12, and more.

But what it doesn’t include is just as important. No mercury? No microplastics? No problemo!

Technology That Satisfies Fish and Folk

We combine plants with biotechnology to offer a product that tastes and feels like delicious raw tuna. That means the real McCoy can stay in the ocean, and you can still enjoy your favorite sushi. Win-win!


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